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Shakira Concert in Yas Abu Dhabi!

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William and Kate’s official photos

Kate and William’s Big Day!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton // Royal Wedding LIVE Coverage

royal wedding

Live Feed from Sky

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Pizza World Championship!

The World Pizza Championship is an event held every year in Italy to determine the world’s best pizza makers. Pizza competitions include: fastest pizza maker, freestyle acrobatics, and the largest dough stretch.

Pizza World Championship website [Here]

Photo via [damncoolpictures]

Cinemagraph // Animated Gifs with a Fine Art Twist!

 Cinemagraph is a new format falls somewhere between still photography and video, with very subtle built in motion that makes the viewer feel like the photographic image is alive.

[via FromMeToYou, Photo via ohinternet]

Pinetti Quattrogiga // Leather Journal with USB Drive!

The Quattrogiga leather journal with USB Key is a brilliant blend of traditional notebook and modern technology. The genuine leather refillable notebook is held closed with a silicone strap with a 4 gigabyte USB key at its end. The strap is held to the back of the journal with two strong snaps that make it completely detachable.

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