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Arab’s Got Talent!

Arab Got Talent, is the Arabic version of “America’s Got Talent”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “Australia’s Got Talent” “ La France a un Incroyable Talent” aired on MBC channel. For the first time in the Arab World, all types of talents and performing arts will be welcomed on stage to compete. Not only singers and dancers, everyone will be invited to perform! Acrobats, Break-dancers, clowns, comedians, Latino dancers, contortionists, magicians, dancers, singers, musicians, animal trainers, circus artists and more have the chance to win the Grand Prize!

UPDATE: Watch All Arab’s Got Talent episodes online [Here]


Emarat FM now on iPhone!

Listen to your favorite radio stations live, from Abu Dhabi Media Company. Choose from Abu Dhabi Radio, Al Quran Al Karim, Emarat FM, Star FM, Classic FM as well as being able to preview the new station.

[to get the application click Here or search the apple store for “Abu Dhabi Radio”]

Afghan Star // The documentary!

After 30 years of war and Taliban rule, pop Idol has come to Afghanistan. Millions are watching the TV series ‘Afghan Star’ and voting for their favorite singers by mobile phone. For many this is their first encounter with democracy. This timely film follows the dramatic stories of four contestants as they risk all to become the nation’s favorite singer. But will they attain the freedom they hope for in this vulnerable and traditional nation?

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Arabic Newspapers for iPad & iPhone!

brings over 1,700 full-content newspapers from 92 countries in 48 languages to your iPad & iPhone.

Arabic Newspapers

Newspapers from UAE

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Wikileaks in Arabic!!

[Wikileaks in Arabic Link]


Larry King says goodbye!!

He’s been on the air for 25 years, and on December 16 Larry King signed off from his CNN show “Larry King Live” for the last time.

The 77-year-old entertainment icon will pass the baton to Piers Morgan, and he had a hard time coming up with something to say as his last show drew to a close.

“It’s not very often in my life that I’ve been without words. I never thought it would last this long or come to this.”

All in all King has done almost 50,000 interviews in his broadcasting career, speaking with the top names in entertainment, politics, and religion.

And in his usual simply-worded style, Larry ended things out with, “Instead of goodbye, how about ‘so long?’”


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Oprah in Australia!

Oprah: I love AUSTRALIA!

Talk show high priestess Oprah Winfrey kicked of her 25th season by sending her entire audience to Australia! Winfrey is filming at least two episodes of her program in Australia.

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